The Torment and Destruction of Your Species Has Only Just Begun !

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – What is Langsuirs?  Created in the late 1990’s by famed artist and horror writer, Otto Maddox, Langsuirs has become an infamous and long running 3D CGI comic series beloved by a solid base of fans devoted to sex and horror.  With a strong Lovecraft base, the series has presented an untold number of twisted tales of both man-made terror as well as other-worldly, extra-dimensional nightmares.  From body transformation to horny zombies and bug-like beasties with tentacles, if you love twisted tales of violence and sex, then you’ll love and lust Langsuirs!  …



Langsuirs_2 Langsuirs_3 Langsuirs_4

Langsuirs_5 Langsuirs_6 Langsuirs_7

Langsuirs_8 Langsuirs_9 Langsuirs_10


Langsuirs_11 Langsuirs_12 Langsuirs_13

Langsuirs_14 Langsuirs_15 Langsuirs_16

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