Take It and Start Sucking

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ LegacyEpisode 7 – Recurring Problem ” – With the fall of Lady Winter, and her forced abdication, things are finally looking up for the kingdom so we set our sights elsewhere. The two friends continue to roam the kingdom in search of easy loot. Not taking into account that they were the ones who lost their loot last time. Hopefully they fare better this time. Bard firmly vows to find the elusive woman who stole his precious instrument while his barbarian friend does what he always does, looks for food. Roaming the woods for their goals is admirable, unless one of them is already a goal for somebody else… Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.



Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_1 Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_2 Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_3

Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_4 Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_5 Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_6

Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_7 Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_8 Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_9

Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_10 Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_11 Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_12

Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_13 Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_14 Legacy_7_Recourring_Problem_15


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