White Women Knew How to Treat Big Black Cocks

POONNET Winning Amanda : Cindy returned after breakfast, and the four of us went sightseeing … – Winning Amanda : Who is Darius ? – Dream Blonde Delivery : Brittany Stevens was indeed nude, but for red high heels on her feet. She was bound, hand between her legs – Twins Need Black Cock : Grace opened her eyes wishing this was another one of the dreams of Black’s big cock that had filled her head ever since that night in the closet. This wasn’t a dream though – Winning Amanda : Amanda hiccupped. Wide-eyed, she looked at me, then at his cock, and back at me. In my position, I looked straight at her legs. I thought I saw a bit of a glistening… – Lessons From Neighbor : He had always been told that white women knew how to treat black cocks, but hadn’t quite believed it until now… – Lessons From Neighbor : The big black man pushed his way inside and pulled Megan into the living room. “Hurry Megan,” he said, dropping his suit.


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