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CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Shadows of the Past ”  Episode 7 – Complete Episode in 11.00 minutes Slideshow – Aboard the ship now and headed for America, the strange and mysterious Galen attempts to figure out which of his three guests has the bizarre RELIC. But unknown to him, the relic’s owner has other plans… and the Prince of Darkness makes a little appearance as the past begins once more to unravel it’s secrets… and we learn just a bit more about Logan Kershaw’s strange origins. Meanwhile the pirates hired to run the ship are starting to eye little Hazel… Story & Art by JAG27.




How’ D You Get This Dick to Big Stupid Brother

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Shadows of the Past ”  Episode 6 – Complete Episode in 5.50 minutes Slideshow – Finally we begin to learn the facts behind Kendra’s mysterious pregnancy… and just who or WHAT rather, Logan Kershaw is. From the heart of Victorian Africa, secrets begin to unravel… and still more begin to appear. Just who is Mister Galen and what is the “relic” that he seeks… and how does it lead to pre-Civil War Louisiana? Not all the …s of Darkness are on the same side. And did I mention horny Irish pirates? Story & Art by JAG27.

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Shadows of the Past Complete Episode 3 Slideshow

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Shadows of the Past ”  Episode 3 – Complete Episode in 7.07 minutes Slideshow – Forget ghosts… we got zombies… yeah! And even though they’re naked… I’m not sure you’d want to get busy with them… but as Jimmy and Connie find out… doing it in the Kershaw cemetery ain’t exactly the best of ideas… especially with zombies hanging around. Meanwhile, back at the mansion… we learn what evil plans the dark spirits have in mind for poor Stephanie… as even more of the Kershaw legacy begins to unfold. Story & Art by JAG27.




Shadows of the Past Complete Episode 2 Slideshow

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Shadows of the Past ”  Episode 2 – Complete Episode in 9.38 minutes Slideshow –Stephanie has made contact with one of the entities within the Kershaw mansion… and it’s psychically showing her the origins of the haunted house through snippets and memories of it’s former inhabitants… some mundane… and others downright lewd. Meanwhile, Mitchell attempts to escape another entity that has taken over the body of Gail… and he eventually makes a deal to exorcise the horny ghost… but not before he and Gail get it on. And things start to get a little darker as Stephanie discovers the her per…al ghostie has more in store for her than just showing her antique events. Story & Art by JAG27.




I’ Wasen’t Pregnant Before a Few Minutes Ago

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Shadows of the Past ” – Langsuir ChroniclesEpisode 9 – Evette and Mitchell find Connie… but it may be too late to save her. The Old Ones begin their return to our realm and as you may recall… their attempts can get funky. Meanwhile, we finally learn the fate of Doctor Hugo Channing as Ragnar pays him a visit in the depths of Hell’s dungeons. Also, Lucifer’s plot thickens a bit as he draws not only Ragnar’s wife… but also Mia Koto into his dastardly plans. And last but not least, Nurse Peters and Jodie take their relationship a bit further than Doctor Ryder expected… but despite his best efforts… he finds himself unable to stop it… or to avoid watching it. Story & Art by Jag27 ( OTTO MADDOX )

Shadows of the Past_Langsuir Chronicles_Episode 9_1

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Shadows of the Past Complete Episode 1 Slideshow

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Shadows of the Past ”  Episode 1 – Complete Episode in 9 minutes Slideshow – Mitchell and his documentary film crew visit a remote and abandoned plantation house deep in the bayous of Louisiana with the intent of shooting a haunted history segment… but almost immediately upon arrival, he and his crew discover that the house may be really haunted… and not just by your usual ghosts. These malevolent spirits are sex-mad spooks whose devious aim and plans for the film crew remain a mystery. Story & Art by JAG27.



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