She Still Growing Even Her Clothes Tearing Become a Problem

GIANTESS FAN – She Still Growing Even Her Clothes Tearing Become a Problem …

Worst Day Ever 2Author : Giantess-Cassie ; Artists : SednaStudio-Kaka, SednaStudio-LRC – “ Redenjoys her first day as a Giantess in a world that revolves around the growth fetish in all its forms… as well as a little payback for the crap day she started out with … ”

Maya & JuneAuthor : Mac Rome ; Artists : SednaStudio-LZY – “ Future mad scientist June uses her new computer reality interface to shrink her friend Maya. But Maya quickly realizes not only how to take over the program, but use it to grow to become the fantasy woman of handsome Markus. However, any new program has its glitches, and they give Maya and June a growing challenge … ”

Worst_Day_Ever_2_1 Worst_Day_Ever_2_2 Maya_and_June_1 Maya_and_June_2

The Outgrowing 5Author : Mac Rome ; Artists : SednaStudio-Dai – “ While Hannah Yoder’s constant growth has made her a celebrity and led to the creation of hundreds on large-breasted mini-giantesses, it also has forced her from the life she knew and driven away the man she still loves. And still she grows. As women all over the world become busty giantesses, can Hannah outgrow her own humanity? … ”

Flagship FannieAuthor : Gigajapo ; Artists:   SednaStudio-Kaka – “ All planet Earth’s resources are running dry. Humans have to leave their planet. But how? Scientists discover a formula to transform a woman into an organic space ship. The woman chosen is the fiancée of the mission commander. Can Flagship Fannie save the day? … ”

The_Outgrowing_5_1 The_Outgrowing_5_2 Flagship_Fannie_1 Flagship_Fannie_2

America’s Next Tall Model 2Author : Astyanax ; Artists : SednaStudio-Forst – “ Pria has been a test subject for a new growth hormone therapy, even as her friend Christie has been trying out for a modeling competition. It’s not long before Christie uncovers what Pria is doing and hi-jinx ensue as the girls outgrow their clothes, dorm room, campus and the competition in America’s Next Tall Model … ”

From The StarsAuthor : Kevin Fred ; Artists : SednaStudio-LWJ – “ Aliens from a distant planet have discovered Earth. Meaning to investigate life on the planet, they send down a team. They quickly discover that the life on the planet is much greater in size than they are and find themselves stranded inside a human mother’s cottage … ”

Americ_s_Next_Tall_Model_2_1 Americ_s_Next_Tall_Model_2_2 From_The_Stars_1 From_The_Stars_2


Fetish Giantess Breasted Goddesses and Poor Little Men

GIANTESS FAN – Fetish Giantess Breasted Goddesses and Poor Little Men …

Don’t Eat Me 2! Author : Geo ; Artists : SednaStudio-LWJ “ … GoGo dreams of the time where she ate the college students. She vividly remembers the two that got away and sets a plan in motion, full with insertion and vore, to make things complete … ”

Goddess ADBC 4Author : JT ; Artists : SednaStudio-Forst – “ … Lilly sexually dominates her city people. Then, she meets Roxy, the neighboring goddess of Athens … ”

Don't Eat Me 2! 1 Don't Eat Me 2! 2 Goddess ADBC 4 1 Goddess ADBC 4 2

A Weekend Alone 4Author : Kevin Fred ; Artists : Jieun Studio – “ … A young man has his girlfriend over while his father is away. The neighborhood mysteriously shrinks before she arrives, forcing them to seek refuge at the father’s home. Shortly thereafter, the girlfriend arrives, and trouble begins … ”

Growing Science 3Author : JT ; Artists : SednaStudio-LRC – “ … In Growing Science 3, our super villainess has captured the size remote from the scientist who thought it was a secret. Now with it’s awesome power the power hungry MILF begins her growth and conquest! … ”

A Weekend Alone 4 1 A Weekend Alone 4 2 Growing Science 3 1 Growing Science 3 2

The Biggest StripAuthor : JT ; Artists : SednaStudio-Forst, David Gunawan – “ … A stripper named Scarlet finds a case of mysterious liquid and soon becomes the biggest act in town … ”

The OutgrowingAuthor : Mac Rome ; Artists : SednaStudio-Dai – “ … Hannah Yoder was too small for the Amish life into which she was born — too small for the work, and too small to be a wife. When Hannah begins to mysteriously grow, she’s delighted — but the growth won’t stop. Slowly, unrelentingly, Hannah becomes bigger … and bigger … and bigger … ”

The Biggest Strip 1 The Biggest Strip 2 The Outgrowing 1 The Outgrowing 2


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