You Are So Strong You Are So Small … !!!

GIANTESS FAN – You Are So Strong You Are So Small … !!!

Training GroundAuthor : JR ; Artists : Salomon – “ … A race of space faring warrior giantesses, the Maneta, roams our corner of the Milky Way. When not battling other clans, they train and test their combat skills against primitive cultures like Earth’s humans. If a civilization is more advanced … ”

Giantess KikiAuthor : J.Yubari ; Artists : SednaStudio-Wen – “ … The internet giantess sensation known as Kiki helps men live out their macrophile fantasies while making some cash filming her encounters … ”

Training_Ground Training_Ground_1 Giantess_Kiki Giantess_Kiki_1

A Weekend Alone 5 Author : KevinFred ; Artists : Jieun Studio “ … A young man has his girlfriend over while his father is away. The neighborhood mysteriously shrinks before she arrives, forcing them to seek refuge at the father’s home. Shortly thereafter, the girlfriend arrives, and trouble begins … ”

Macrostania 3Author : Jordan Macrophile ; Artists : Studio GFX, Mohan – “ … For the last forty years the small Eastern European nation of Macrostania has been ruled by the tyrant General Viktor Belanov from his lavishly appointed palace. Outraged by the exorbitant luxury surrounding him while the population starved a coalition of … ”

A_Weekend_Alone_5 A_Weekend_Alone_5_1 Macrostania_3 Macrostania_3_1

Bobby and Clair 2Author : Jordan Macrophile ; Artists : Davide Tinto, Ylenia Di Napoli – “ … FBI Special Agents Stuart Jackson and Linda Martinez have been tracking the infamous crime spree of the Parker Gang across state lines for weeks. Their leader is the sociopathic CLAIR, always accompanied by her lover BOBBY and supported by the drop out TRIXIE … ”

Darlsborough University 4 Author : Jordan Macrophile ; Artists : Octo – In the term before Jordan made it to campus, the new students were settling into their bigger life at Darlsborough with the occasional hiccup … ”

Bobby_and_Clair_2 Bobby_and_Clair_2_1 Darlsborough_University_4 Darlsborough_University_4_1


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