Giantess Goddesses Comics

GIANTESS FANThe Green Goddess InnAuthor : Eric Lindberg ; Artists : SednaStudio-BigJ

An Introduction – “ The Green Goddess Inn is a tavern built on the border between a human kingdom and a faerie kingdom. Its wait staff is composed of human women but its patrons are a mix of faerie races of many sizes—pixies, sprites, brownies, gnomes, leprechauns … ”

Strangers in the Night  At Cully Greythorn’s request, the patrons of the Green Goddess begin sharing stories of their adventures. First up is Eamon, a tiny brownie imprisoned in a cage … ”


Size SwingersAuthor : Jordan Macrophile ; Artists : Claudio Avella (ArtSteady), Salvatore De Simone

“ John and Anna have been married for five years. Like most couples they work hard and worry about the mortgage and bills. Unlike most couples they spend their weekends at a mysterious unnamed swingers club under … ”

Giantess A – ZAuthor : Thesonandheir ; Artists : Andrea Errico (ArtSteady), Ylenia Di Napoli (ArtSteady)

“ When Penelope “ Pinch ” Finch, a short, shy and sweet young librarian stumbles across a book of spells, curiosity gets the better of her. After accidentally casting a spell on herself, she starts to grow bigger and bigger … ”

Size_Swingers Size_Swingers The_Giantess_A_to_Z The_Giantess_A_to_Z

The Jungle DisasterAuthor : Geo, Michela Da Sacco ; Artists : Michela Da Sacco, Ylenia Di Napoli

“ As the giantess species tinkers on the brink of extinction, Eko Agbale, Zimbabwe’s Miitary Dictator uses his armed forces to hunt down the giantess Samtra … ”

Growing ScienceAuthor : JT ; Artists : SednaStudio-LRC

“ … A woman cultivates a tiny civilization in her bedroom solely to maximize her pleasure … ”

The_Jungle_Disaster The_Jungle_Disaster Growing_Science Growing_Science


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