The Chaperone Complete Episode 2 Slideshow

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ The Chaperone ”  “ Episode 02 ” – Complete Episode in 5.20 minutes Slideshow – Olivia and her stud are getting it on… but what about poor Nel…? Dejected after watching his beloved Joy tagging the Redneck in the shower… he decides to head back to his room in a depressed state… but he never quite gets there… as someone else in the group has plans for him. And Joy, overwhelmed with sexual lust, throws herself on the mercy of the Redneck and his three friends… and an all-out gangbang begins. Sexual hijinks and debauchery as the “Chaperone” concludes… Story & Art by JAG27.




Malevolent Intentions Complete Episode 2 Slideshow

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ MALEVOLENT INTENTIONS ”  Episode 2 ” – Complete Episode in 5.44 minutes Slideshow – Doctor Evans gets even more intimate with Robin Marcantel and begins to learn more and more secrets about hers and Doctor Hud…’s relationship and even a bit about Kristina and Buddy. And things begin to take a dire spiral for the good Doctor as she allows herself to fall into a sexual situation she probably should have avoided. Oh, and there’s some serious big titties… enjoy! Story & Art by JAG27.


Malevolent Intentions_Complete_Episode_2_Slideshow


Milk Me Like a Fucking Cow … !!!

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Habitat 5 ”  Episode 13  ” Reunions ” – Has Lane gone off the deep end? Maybe… maybe not. But she’s damned and determined to get some answers out of their Genedar guest concerning the “farms” they mantain on the planet’s minor continent. Meanwhile, Edna meets with Amanda and tells her all about her husband and we get quite a bit of backstory concerning the resistance movement after the evacuation… but when the two of them don’t hit it off… Edna decides to try another tactic and it leads to some nasty, nasty titty nooky. Can we say giant nipples? Uhh, why yes… yes we fucking can! And last but not least… we finally get to see Carla the super-pregger again but is she ever going to get to come out of that tank? I don’t know but I like the way her belly mashes up against the glass, dammit! More sci-fi funk from the master of nasty… O.Mad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX .


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Please Mistress Let Me Touch Myself

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Blade MaidensEpisode 1 – In this first breakout tale of the Maidens, we meet the fiery redhead as she awakens from a drunken stupor. We see just one of the possible outcomes of a Maiden defeated in combat, a pleasant site to see, though perhaps not so much for the defeated Maiden. We also witness Maidens in action and learn just a hint of the story to come. Dare you miss this tale? Story & Art by MARAH IAFEW.


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Fuck that White Slut Dad

UNCLE SICKEY’SWhite Wife TrainingCoco Nurse OfficeThe African Queen “ … I…I Can’t take more of this! Please Stop! I’m a Married Woman! I’m used to White Penises not BLACK ONES! … ” – “ … Fuck that White Slut Dad … ” – “ … Oh God! My Ass is so Full … ” – “ … You’ re gonna Break Soon Bitch! And then I’ ll let you eat my Pussy as a Reward!!! … ” – “ … Eat my Cum, Slurp It All … ” – “ … I’ ll be a Good Slave for Both … ”


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