Giant Beautiful 3D Goddess

GIANTESS FANGoddess ADBCAuthor : JT ; Artist : SednaStudio-Forst – GFX

Fuck, That almost Tickles : “ …  Roxy gets an opportunity to “be a bitch” to the ancient people and live out some of her kinks… ”

A New Perpesctive – “ … Lisa, an average woman living in an average city in the middle of America, lives her life based around a routine that blends her days together into one giant swatch of grayness that threatens to follow her for the rest of her life. Wrestling with the bills, trying a different diet every other month to get her ass a bit smaller with no result except for a lighter purse, and driving in a rundown car that clunks with years of abuse, Lisa has come to the edge of accepting the fact that nothing will ever change and that more importantly ‘she’ can never change anything no matter what she does, leaving her a as mere pawn of society… yet things are in store for her … ”

Goddess_ADBC_3_1 Goddess_ADBC_3_2 Goddess_ADBC_3_3 Goddess_ADBC_3_4

The Green Goddess Inn 3 – Author : Eric Lindberg ; Artist : SednaStudio-BigJ

“ … Runa the waitress shares the story of Zara, a mean-spirited woman who did not share the tavern staff’s respect for the little people. At her coaxing, the ladies once played a dangerous drinking game with live pixies as the unwitting props … ”

A Weekend Alone 3 – Autor : Kevin Fred ; Artist : Jieun Studio

“ … A young man has his girlfriend over while his father is away. The neighborhood mysteriously shrinks before she arrives, forcing them to seek refuge at the father’s home. Shortly thereafter, the girlfriend arrives, and trouble begins… ”

 Green_Goddess_Inn_2 A_Weekend_Alone_3 A_Weekend_Alone_3_1

Amazon Hotel 3 – Author : Heir ; Artist : SednaStudio-Wang

“ … A honeymooning couple check into a holiday resort populated by giant women. This unique resort allows female guests to live out their fantasies as towering Amazon giantesses. A newlywed couple, Sabrina and Josh, book into the hotel for their honeymoon and prepare for some growing and giantess fun! … ”

High Fashion – Author : Element ; Artist : Claudio Avella (ArtSteady) , Salvatore De Simone

“ … A petite model named Alice takes a gig in order to drum up some extra cash. Little does she know that this fashion shoot causes growth with every shot! … ”

Amazon_Hotel_3_1 Amazon_Hotel_3_2 High Fashion_1 High Fashion_2


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