Shake It Mom Nasty Old Bitch

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Hippy Hills ” “ Episode 17 ” – We pick up right where episode sixteen left off… with Mickey having a little nap as Nora peeps in on him. But what’s he dreaming about that’s got him all riled up? We get a bizarre glimpse in bright, vivid color! Meanwhile, Sarah confronts Bernie’s new vending machine slut and demands to know what’s going on. And when the smoke clears, a deal will be struck between two parties that may well mean the end of Devon! And left to herself, Shannon decides to try and find the stables, but instead ends up waking up Mickey… [cue porn music]… like you didn’t see that one coming? More nasty from everyone’s favorite nudie resort! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX .



Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_2 Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_3 Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_4

Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_5 Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_6 Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_7


Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_8 Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_9 Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_10

Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_11 Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_12 Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_13

Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_14 Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_15 Hippy_Hills_Episode_17_16

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