Like It in Your Big Fat Asshole ?!?

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Uninhibited ” “ Episode 40 ” – The funk is on! I don’t even know how to describe this one. It opens up with funk and ends with funk… what more can I say? Well, okay maybe that the funk is Keith and Annie still going at it… but even nastier… and there’s a belt involved and some serious weird sex action! Aside from that, Liz calls Bannion and admits to finding the Room 7 stash and then finds out someone close to her at the clinic has actually been watching her… or “over” her since her arrival and works for the old man as well. And last but not least, Dennis returns home to his apartment aggravated after losing Jane in traffic – remember he was trailing her – but to his shock, she shows up there as well and she’s not alone. And how he reacts isn’t exactly how he figured! More beautiful and super-realistic 3D funk from the funk master, O Mad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX .



Uninhibited_Episode_40_2 Uninhibited_Episode_40_3 Uninhibited_Episode_40_4

Uninhibited_Episode_40_5 Uninhibited_Episode_40_6 Uninhibited_Episode_40_7

Uninhibited_Episode_40_8 Uninhibited_Episode_40_9 Uninhibited_Episode_40_10


Uninhibited_Episode_40_11 Uninhibited_Episode_40_12 Uninhibited_Episode_40_13

Uninhibited_Episode_40_14 Uninhibited_Episode_40_15 Uninhibited_Episode_40_16

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