I Will Do Anything You Want Me to Do

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ UninhibitedEpisode 18 ” – “ Self Preservation ” – As Doctor Werner continues his interview with his new patient, we learn, via flashback, just how Tabitha came to impregnate herself. It’s a short little tale of first love and loneliness that may end up having major implications on the entire FEM-32 universe. And if you like the futanari dick babes… then this episode is definitely for you! What if the Offspring no longer need partners to reproduce? Caleb finds himself stuck between a rock and hard place [yes, pun intentional]… as he tries to determine how he should proceed now that he knows just what Tabitha represents. Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.



I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_1 I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_2 I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_3

I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_4 I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_5 I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_6

I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_7 I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_8 I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_9

I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_10 I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_11 I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_12

I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_13 I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_14 I_Will_Do_Anything_You_Want_Me_to_Do_15

                CRAZYXXX3DWORLD 3

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