Don’t Be So Rough With Me Please

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ LegacyEpisode 17 and 18 – “ New Apprentice ” – “ The Academy 2 ” – Story continues at the Academy as the new apprentice continues to learn from her new, clever, instructor. He teaches her all about her body and how best to utilize it in order to achieve her goals and missions. In order to do so, she will have to get naked. Her body on display, ripe for learning all the strange, new, techniques her instructor wishes to impart upon her, utilizing all the tools at his disposal. We also learn some more about the Academy. This strange place, cut from the world, where magic is trained. Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.



Legacy_New_Apprentice_1 Legacy_New_Apprentice_2 Legacy_New_Apprentice_3

Legacy_New_Apprentice_4 Legacy_New_Apprentice_5 Legacy_New_Apprentice_6

Legacy_New_Apprentice_7 Legacy_New_Apprentice_8 Legacy_New_Apprentice_9

Legacy_New_Apprentice_10 Legacy_New_Apprentice_11 Legacy_New_Apprentice_12

Legacy_New_Apprentice_13 Legacy_New_Apprentice_14 Legacy_New_Apprentice_15


A few weeks later, the zealous new apprentice comes to visit her mentor… by rudely breaking into his room while he’s enjoying some well earned rest and relaxation. He can’t help but question his decision to teach her such tricks. Tricks he had learned… by doing the exact same thing to other people. Being the only male in an academy full of women makes one very good at sneaking around with intent to… gather knowledge, mostly anatomical. Still, he doesn’t approve of his methods being used against himself and he certainly does not approve of his little secret agreement with his new apprentice being discovered. Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.


Legacy_Episode_18_1 Legacy_Episode_18_2 Legacy_Episode_18_3

Legacy_Episode_18_4 Legacy_Episode_18_5 Legacy_Episode_18_6

Legacy_Episode_18_7 Legacy_Episode_18_8 Legacy_Episode_18_9

Legacy_Episode_18_10 Legacy_Episode_18_11 Legacy_Episode_18_12

Legacy_Episode_18_13 Legacy_Episode_18_14 Legacy_Episode_18_15


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