The Fall of Innocence Complete Episode 13 Slideshow

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ The Fall of Innocence ”  Episode 13 – Complete Episode in 17.40 minutes Slideshow – Picking up where JAG27 left off, Otto goes back in time to when Doris was still married to Harold and it’s only been a short while since her escapades with Jimmy began and she’s grown bored with him somewhat… but that’s about to change as she makes a play for a pregnant woman she knows. If you like costume play, you’ll like this new episode. And hang on… this is only the lead up to main sex raunch! Next episode coming soon! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX ( Jag27 )



                       CRAZYXXX3DWORLD 3

Tales of the Duenna Episode 2 – Complete Episode Slideshow

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Tales of the Duenna … ” – “ Episode 2 ” Complete Episode Slideshow – We learn some compelling background on Old Betty Jones in this episode as her relationship or lack thereof, with her husband continues to unfold. Meanwhile, she meets a new man… and things move in a direction she didn’t expect… and someone she thought was a friend turns out to be something a bit more diabolical. Oh and there’s a hippy orgy on the beach… and some massive bouncing ta-tas… did I mention that?? Enjoy… Story & Art by JAG27.

Tales_of_the_Duenna_Episode_2_Complete Episode Slideshow


What’s Happening to My Belly … ?!?!

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ The Fall of Innocence ”- “ Episode 32 – “ Simon Says Go Fuck Yourself ” – Mary finds herself unable to leave the Howell Clinic… and to make matters worse, she appears to have a rather odd host who seems obsessed with the fact that she and Miranda are descendents of the Neue Rasse experiment. And in order to prove it, he’s willing to go to great lengths… or sizes, as it may be! Meanwhile, Tiffany finally gets busy with Tony and Terry takes a tour of the photo studio with Theresa. But wait… is that the mysterious man in black from Malevolent Intentions? Maybe… maybe not. But someone makes a phone call to Harold and alerts him to what’s going down at the clinic. Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX (Jag27) .


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Langsuir Chronicles Complete Episode 1 Slideshow

CRAZYXXX3DWORLD – “ Langsuir Chronicles ”  Episode 1A Graydeaux Parish, 8 Miles from Kershaw Mansion ” – Complete Episode in 13.10 minutes Slideshow – Deep in the swamps and sugarcane fields… something evil lurks… seeking a warm place to breed it’s unholy offspring for the coming invasion. One woman finds herself caught in the monster’s grips and unable to resist it’s psychic temptations… will yet another person fall to the hordes of the Old Ones? Story & Art by JAG27.

Langsuir Chronicles_Complete_Episode_1


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